Monday, July 20, 2009

Write a Quick Letter for the Public Option

Here's one easy way to write letters to Michigan's Senators Levin and Stabenow; use this sample letter as a starting point. Make a bigger impact by including your own personal health care story, and writing it by hand, on paper, with a pen! Help us write 100 letters to our Senators. Now is the time to be active and help pass effective health care reform, especially the Public Health Insurance Option. The Obama Caucus of Ann Arbor,

------------------------------------- Sample Letter --------------------------------------
Dear Senator:

In order to ensure affordable health care for all Americans, I ask you to support a strong
version of President Obama’s health care reform, one that:
  • ensures that quality affordable health care is available to all Americans
  • reduces costs – Rising health care costs are crushing budgets
  • guarantees choice of doctors and plans, including a public health care insurance option
  • is national and available everywhere
  • has decision-makers who are government appointed and accountable
  • has bargaining clout to lower rates
  • is ready on day one
I also ask you to put a statement on your web site's home page supporting these seven points.

Co-ops or triggers will only weaken the public health insurance option, and make it ineffective. I ask you to oppose them.

The strong reform of a public health care insurance option is important to me because
[share your personal health care story].

We cannot afford to delay any longer. America needs you to act now to fix our broken
health care system.


[your signature]


Michigan's Senators

The Honorable Debbie Stabenow
243 West Congress, Suite 550
Detroit, MI 48226

The Honorable Carl Levin
477 Michigan Ave, Suite 1860
Detroit, MI 48226

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